Qaderoon Programs for Business Management

Specialized applications for creating business leaders

You are the Capital

Being enrolled in one of our programs gives you the practical skills to study project planning

Qaderoon for Business Management

Towards secured and thoughtful Arab and international investment

Our Message

Empower entrepreneurs with scientific, behavioral and applied skills to lead business and money.

Our Vision

Leading the world in the implementation of specialized programs for the manufacture of financial and business leaders.

Our Motto

Our motto in Qaderoon for Business Management Co. is “The way to the Future”.

Business Development

Towards an integrated institutional development


Integrated Development Service

Financial Development Service

Marketing Development Service

Reestablishment Services

Projects Diagnosis Service

Administrative Development Service


Planning Development Service

Assignment Services

Projects Evaluation Service

Investmental Development Service

Technical & Electronic Development Service

Our Goals at Qaderoon

  • Producing professional economic leaders in the investment programs management field.
  • Developing the specialization of business administration from the theoretical sciences to the professional specialization of applied skills.
  • Aiming to consolidate the higher investment values of the apprentices.

Get to Know our Applications

Enjoy the fun of practical learning by participating in Qaderoon applications.

How we Implement our Vision

To implement this vision, there is a team of money and business specialists who have experiments in many fields and various projects (Investment – Marketing – Managerial – Planning & Feasibility studies – Financial – Technical)

QADEROON Board of Directors

Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-Ashwal

Mr. Mohamed Ali Al-Ashwal

Board of Directors Member - Director of Studies, Development & Quality


Eng. Shehab Noaman Al-Ariqi

Eng. Shehab Noaman Al-Ariqi

Board of Directors Member - Director of Studies, Development & Quality


Dr. Nasser Mohamed Al-Matary

Dr. Nasser Mohamed Al-Matary

Chairman - Chief Executive Officer


The way to the Future

We aim by the efforts of our professional team to make a competitive output of our applications comparing to other similar applications outputs, with distinguishing them via new applied ideas that are implemented by even the famous international universities in order to get our applications at first level in the world of business management.

Our Advantages at Qaderoon

1 . The practical learning pleasure of focusing on the renewable and innovative application of the program.
2 . The implementation is supervised by a selection of business experts and academics in the business sciences.
3 . The apprentice earns the profession of business management the right way.
4 . Training to build and manage a real project.
5 . Applying the program in more than one country in the world to expand the perception and culture of joining the global market in the international business leadership program.
6 . Enabling the participants to build a network of good business relations during the program through practical trips and participation in exhibitions and seminars related to the program in the period of implementation as well as meetings with a number of leading figures economically.
7 . Applicants who join each program are subject to a certificate of experience from the supervisor of the program.


The existence of such an institution concerned with assisting Arab investors is a vital necessity in enlightening them and directing them to the right direction, especially with the increasing demand for a country such as Turkey. The unavailability of this service certainly exposes investors to mistakes and blackmail.

Dr. Mohamed Al Yafei

Manager of Al Noor Tourist Company

Arab brothers strongly need such services by QADEROON company, because we see many of these investors going to lose his investments because the lack of these services, especially the language component, which causes great problems.


Mr. Mohammad Shafiq

Chairman of Alpha Group

The company has been able to highlight its own projects and creative ideas, and the reason is founders experience and knowledge of the of the Arabic and international investment climate. The investor can trust in their work, and we have previous experiences with them in the Republic of Yemen.


Mr. Mohammed Al-Sanhani

President of MAS Arabia