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About Us

Qaderoon programs are professional, practical programs that deal with commercial and economic disciplines and are characterized by their focus on the industry of successful academic, skilled and applied entrepreneurs by imparting knowledge, science and applied practical skills through the actual application of a real program to achieve satisfactory profits for the program through continuous supervision by the program’s management and its scientific and applied staff, in all its steps. The program is supervised by a distinguished team of businessmen who are scientifically and practically capable.

We aim for the output of our programs to compete with all the outputs of the similar programs, but with new ideas that have not been implemented before, even in the renowned international universities to ensure that our programs are the best in the world of applied business management and make economic leaders compete and excel in the regional and international business market, which is witnessing a heated competition, where only entrepreneurs who are able to withstand and compete in the world of applied, renewable, dynamic and accelerating knowledge last.